Huawei P8 Lite // Directors Cut

In May, Asterisk came back to Jeff Briant and I to budget for a new cell phone reveal video for the Huawei P8 Lite. We worked out a month for this project and 2 weeks later the client came back with "we need it June 1st. This meant that we would have to start immediately, it was May 20th.

Jeff and I spit out 12 concept frames for 4 different ideas and sent them off on the 21st for approval. The next day we got word to move forward with one of our darker, sleeker concepts. That's what we did. We hired on Jeff Moberg to create the score and sound effects.

Kobo // Directors Cut

PJ Lee of Asterisk Media approached Jeff Briant and I with a piece needed to show off Kobo's latest e-reader.  We worked on a couple of boards to send to the client to sell the idea of a 3d product piece.

Once the storyboards were signed off, we to C4D's blazing fast Hardware Renderer and blocked out the pre-viz for the edit so we could start texturing and animating the final shots. Hard part: DONE! We now needed to find a render farm with Octane Render to help us through these shots with Octane and we found the wonderful folks at GarageFarm.Net. They shined beautifully and our shots were finished in record time.

We, of course, added a couple of tweaks back into this "directors cut" to make it more interesting.


Snippet from a series I just wrapped up. A talking Oyster giving you some well needed pearls of wisdom.

1 of 8 in total. Rendered with Cinema 4d using Octane. Built out the scene and used the sculpt tool to get some really gross stuff on the oyster.

Some more details:
Used pose morph to get the mouth formed for each phonetic sound. Long process of syncing audio which starts in premiere. Then lots of dynamics tweaking to get things looking just right.

Happy to do a tut if there's interest.

Bonus clip down below.


It’s that time of year again where we get to work with one of our favorite agencies, The Marlin Network, to put together a fun teaser/invite for their event at an annual industry food show. It's been a blast in years past, doing Breakfast Interrupted ( and Breakfast & Burlesque ( This year, we teamed up with Strange Donuts and shot portraits as Donut Doubles. Below are the images along with a motion piece we did. Can't wait for next year!

Casey made a little tutorial if any of yous out there are interested (


This started as an exercise to try and think less commercial and more whatever random thing pops in my head.

I started doodling and drew this manbird. Then I gave him glasses and a cigarette and he seemed to resemble classical hipster traits. Then he uses his rocket shoes and flies away, makes sense.

Thanks to Jake Houvenagle for lending his mustache voice.


I was contacted by Bruton Stroube Studios ( in St. Louis for a position as their Motion Graphic Artist. Their work is absolutely phenomenal and it was an honor to even be considered. I got the job and I'm really looking forward to the challenge of working with such amazing people that will push my skills.

Bruton Stroube asked me to make a spec BudLight spot that I was proud of, and this is what I came up with.
With the help of Harry Sadler ( for the spot on voice over, this is something I'm very proud of.

This spot was made almost entirely in Cinema 4d with the composites in After Effects.


It's a very rare opportunity to have a client need a logo animation where the logo looks so badass. I went a bit above and beyond what I needed to do for this.

I was trying to use some concepts I've been testing out, hand-drawn animations. I started this style in After Effects but I realized key framing everything just wasn't the best way. In this I used Photoshop Extended to make an image sequence. You could also use Flash and get the same results.